When it comes to visitation, the typical visitation schedule will include language such as, "The Father shall have liberal visitation with the minor child "as the parties may agree". Thus, if the parties are in agreement with the non-custodial parent visiting with the minor child every day of the week, that's fine with the courts.

Father and son

The actual written visitation schedule applies if the parties are unable to agree. And the standard visitation schedule permits the non-custodial parent to visit with the minor child every other weekend or the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of each month typically from Friday at 6:00 PM until Sunday at 6:00 PM. Remember, this is the typical standard visitation schedule.

Additionally, the standard visitation schedule attempts to equally divide the holidays. For example, for Christmas holidays, one parent may have visitation from the day school lets out until around 12:00 noon, Christmas Day. The other parent visits with the minor child from 12:00 noon Christmas Day until New Year’s Day.

Thanksgiving holidays, as well as, the other holidays are alternated between the parents based on odd or even numbered years. The child visits with the Mother on Mother's Day, and the Father on Father's Day.

The non-custodial parent typically has spring break with the minor child, or it may alternate year to year between the parents.

The non-custodial parent typically has anywhere from two to four weeks with the child during the summer months. But there are also visitation schedules which also include overnight visits during the week. The courts always prefer that the parties work out a visitation schedule on their own, if possible.