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Georgia Family Law

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Unfortunately, relationships do not always last. And it may come to the point where litigation is necessary to resolve difficult issues. Anthony Overton Van Johnson & Associates, P.C., represents clients in court on the following legal matters:

Divorce: We represent clients in both uncontested, as well as, contested divorces. We are well suited to represent clients in divorce actions where substantial assets are at risk, as well as, divorce actions with minimal assets.

  • Custody actions involved both physical custody and legal custody matters. Physical custody determines whom the minor children will reside with. Legal custody determines which parent will have decision making authority on issues such as: education, religious upbringing, extra-curricular activities, and health related matters.
  • Child Support actions are necessary (1) to establish child support payments, or (2) to increase or reduce the amount of child support which should be paid. Both parents are required to complete Domestic Relations Financial Affidavits from which information is gathered and entered into an online "Child Support Worksheet". The child support worksheet calculates the presumptive child support amount for both parents.
  • Paternity actions are necessary to establish the identity of the father.
  • Legitimation actions are necessary when there is a minor child born out of wedlock. If the parents were not married when the child was born, the mother automatically has sole legal and physical custody of the minor child. In order for the father to have "ANY" legal rights to the child, the father MUST file a Petition for Legitimation in the Superior Court in the county in which the mother and child reside. Only after a Legitimation is granted may the father then pursue legal rights such as custody or visitation.
  • Contempt Actions are filed any time there is a violation of a court order.
  • Modification actions are filed to modify a previous court order.
  • Mediation is encouraged by the courts. Judges would prefer the parties to reach a resolution through mediation as opposed to trial. If some (but not all) issues are resolved through mediation, the judge would then only have to make a ruling on any remaining issues. If all issues are resolved through mediation, then the attorney can present either a Mediation Agreement or Settlement Agreement with a proposed Order for the court to consider. If the judge approves the Agreement, the judge will sign the Order concluding the case.
  • Name Change petitions require that a notice be published in the legal organ (legal newspaper) in the county in which the petitioner resides. After the notice is published for four (4) weeks, the petitioner may request a hearing date. In a divorce action, if the wife desires to return to her maiden name, the request can be made during the divorce action and her name can be changed without the necessity of filing a separate name change petition.
  • Protective Orders are temporary orders (typically 12 months) which set the boundaries of any contact between the parties. At a TPO hearing, after hearing the evidence, if the judge finds there is sufficient evidence to continue the temporary protective order, the order will typically remain in effect for twelve (12) months. The judge can rule on issues such as child support, custody, the family residence, expenses, etc. The parties may also "consent" to a TPO without a formal hearing before the judge. If the parties consent, the judge will simply sign the TPO requiring no contact between the parties, as well as, any other issues the parties have agreed to.
  • Simple Wills involve a "Last Will and Testament" which does not involve a significant distribution of assets or complicated Trusts.
  • Stepparent Adoptions require the termination of the parental rights of the non-custodial, biological parent. If the non-custodial parent is unopposed to the adoption, after the execution (signing) of required documents, in addition to the filing and publication of notices, the stepparent adoption may be granted in the court. If the non-custodial parent is opposed to the adoption, a trial will be held and a decision rendered at the conclusion of the evidence. If the stepparent adoption is granted, the non-custodial parent will no longer have any legal rights to the minor child.

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"Attorney Van Johnson was the Attorney that I retained for my Divorce case which was complicated and dealt with a variety of extremely sensitive issues. Attorney Van Johnson was discrete, informative and my "Captain" through the storm. Words cannot express the relief I feel at this time being Divorced from a Woman who simply wanted money, nothing else (and same difference during the Marriage). Yes I am naive because I did not know there were people like that really out there (that could fool me!) but it happened. When it became time to get an Attorney, I had one that was to my shock and dismay, more money hungry than my Ex-Wife. Then when I decided to get someone that I could "TRUST." I sought out and found Attorney Van Johnson. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking resolution of difficult Divorce situations. His calm demeanor is backed up with the teeth of a Pit Bull when it comes to the recommendations and more importantly, the outcomes of the case. I am just a regular guy that had a very difficult situation. If my words here are not enough to convince you how good Attorney Van Johnson is, please give me a call. My phone number is listed. Best regards, Dr. R.L. Booth"

Client Reviews
Thanks again for all your hard work and genius! Other lawyers I have worked with barely come off as average when compared to you. Words can't explain my overall excitement and happiness that I'm feeling right now. J. Ross
Mr. Van Johnson, when I had to select an attorney, I did not know where to begin. I asked three attorneys the same questions and based on their answers, I selected you. I am very fortunate to have you assist me. R. Kent
Anthony was very professional. Explained the whole process. Advised what he was doing, asking for etc, on every step of the way. He made my daughter and I both a lot calmer through all of this. KW