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Georgia Drunk Driving / DUI

Click here to read our articles on DUI defense, DUI refusals, and the ALS (Administrative Suspension) hearing.

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The punishment for a conviction of DUI (alcohol or drugs) is more severe than ever. Punishment for a DUI conviction may include a fine from $300.00 to as high as $5,000.00, community service from 40 hours 240 hours or more, imprisonment from 24 hours up to several years, DUI Alcohol/Drug Risk Reduction, a clinical evaluation (and treatment, if necessary), attendance at MADD victim impact panels, AA/NA meetings, surrender of license plate, ignition interlock device installation, a misdemeanor or felony conviction, your photograph in the newspaper, fines, surcharges and fees, license suspension, etc., in addition to possible loss of employment and increased insurance rates.

Anthony Overton Van Johnson & Associates, P.C., has represented clients facing their 1st to 11th DUI charge, including felony habitual violator, serious injury while DUI, endangering a child while DUI, vehicular homicide, DUIs resulting in death and dismemberment, and probation violations. Early intervention could positively affect the outcome of your case and could result in a dismissal or reduction of a DUI charge.

Consulting with an experienced attorney, especially if you have just been arrested, could change the outcome of your case, and in many instances, the law permits only ten (10) business days to take action to protect your driving privileges, and this is long before the criminal charge is heard in court.

We can appeal your administrative suspension; however, we only have ten (10) business days to file the request. Accordingly, you must CALL US RIGHT AWAY to discuss your case (evening and weekend appointments available): (678) 882-7355.

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Client Reviews
Thanks again for all your hard work and genius! Other lawyers I have worked with barely come off as average when compared to you. Words can't explain my overall excitement and happiness that I'm feeling right now. J. Ross
Mr. Van Johnson, when I had to select an attorney, I did not know where to begin. I asked three attorneys the same questions and based on their answers, I selected you. I am very fortunate to have you assist me. R. Kent
Anthony was very professional. Explained the whole process. Advised what he was doing, asking for etc, on every step of the way. He made my daughter and I both a lot calmer through all of this. KW