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Divorce in Georgia

Download your free report on Georgia divorce documentation and procedureDivorce

Whether you are represented by legal counsel, representing yourself or simply researching your options, this free report will provide valuable information on:

  • How the divorce action is commenced;
  • What documentation is necessary for an uncontested or contested divorce;
  • How child support is calculated; and
  • What additional requirements are involved in divorces with minor children.

Equipped with this valuable information, you will have a better understanding of the requirements and what to expect in Georgia divorce actions.

Client Reviews
Thanks again for all your hard work and genius! Other lawyers I have worked with barely come off as average when compared to you. Words can't explain my overall excitement and happiness that I'm feeling right now. J. Ross
Mr. Van Johnson, when I had to select an attorney, I did not know where to begin. I asked three attorneys the same questions and based on their answers, I selected you. I am very fortunate to have you assist me. R. Kent
Anthony was very professional. Explained the whole process. Advised what he was doing, asking for etc, on every step of the way. He made my daughter and I both a lot calmer through all of this. KW